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2020 Silver Ferns International Calendar Update

The annual four-match Constellation Cup Test series between the Silver Ferns and Australian Diamonds is still being planned for with the intention of it being held towards the end of 2020, following the completion of the two nations’ domestic leagues and pending travel allowances across the Tasman. 

Plans for this year’s Netball Quad Series have been cancelled due to the ongoing impact of impact of COVID-19 on international travel.

The Netball Quad Series which features South Africa, England, Australia and New Zealand was due to be played in both New Zealand and Australia in September. New Zealand will now look at number of other domestic options for the Silver Ferns to play in the Cadbury Netball Series. 

Netball New Zealand Head of High Performance Keir Hansen said it was disappointing to not have the Netball Quad Series this year, but that player and fan safety was the number one priority.  

“All four participating nations have together looked at various scenarios to see if we could make it work however we all agreed that due to impact of COVID-19 on international travel cancelling the 2020 Netball Quad Series scheduled for September was the only option.

“Last year we hosted a very successful Cadbury Netball Series that included the NZ Men's Invitational team and the All Stars side. We are now considering all our options for our Cadbury Netball Series which would likely be scheduled in October and depending on travel restrictions then the Constellation Cup once Australia finish their domestic League,” he said. 

New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England will continue to meet regularly whilst monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and to determine when and how the four nations will be able to schedule the next Netball Quad Series.