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Young Dunn earns her number, Silver Fern #172

Aliyah Dunn earned her Silver Fern number, #172 in yesterday’s match against the South Africa Proteas.

With 15 minutes to go, Dunn, having one the highest shooting percentages in the 2018 ANZ Premiership, took to the court with the crowd’s support.

The smile on Dunn’s face spoke wonders to the feelings she would have been experiencing wearing the black dress for the first time and hearing her number being called on the loudspeaker. 

“It was a great feeling; the team was really supportive as soon as I got out there. They really settled me in.”

The 18-year-old opened her debut with some nerves, but within the first 24 seconds of the fourth quarter she scored her first goal and her confidence grew.

Sharing her thoughts post-match, she commended her shooting partner, Maria Folau for the confidence and guidance that an experienced shooter like herself gave to young Dunn.

“This was the first time I have taken the court with Maria. She really encouraged me and it was a big help.”

Dunn was up against the experienced South African goal keep, Phumza Maweni who really challenged the dynamics in the circle.

“[Phumza] was very agile and got around the body real quick, so I had to just adjust. She also has really long arms…”

“She blocked my shot and I was like oh my gosh… so I tried to just play it cool and laugh it off otherwise I overthink it too much. I got the rebound though! So that was good” she said with a laugh.

With having her first test match under her belt, scoring 9 of 12 goals, Dunn has proved that she can contest the other shooters for a spot in the circle in their upcoming match against the Australian Diamonds.