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Dame Noeline’s PURE virtual roadshow

PURE is a word that resonates strongly in our netball community and there is now an opportunity for coaches to gain insight into how that transformed into Netball World Cup success for the Silver Ferns.

Penning their vision eight months out from the World Cup, the Silver Ferns dedication to be PURE formed the foundation of their gold medal-winning exploits. In the coming weeks Silver Ferns coach Dame Noeline Taurua will share her knowledge, expertise and experience to performance coaches during the Sharing the Love of PURE Roadshow.

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  • United
  • Ruthless
  • Explosive

Dame Noeline will help participating coaches explore and delve into PURE, providing insights and learnings of what it takes to coach at a high performance level, the importance of strategic planning, and tips on how to transfer that plan to training and perform in competition.

The roadshow had always been in the planning with Dame Noeline keen to touch base with New Zealand’s representative coaches but the COVID-19 lockdown has meant a slight adjustment and it will now be a combination of online workshops that will run alongside the ANZ Premiership Finals Series.

“What we’ve done is opened it up to all performance coaches because our local Centres don’t have a rep season now and we have 24 confirmed for the first series,” Netball NZ National Manager - Coach Development Tania Karauria said.

Those participating include Lindsay Filiata, a Kiwi coach based at the Singapore Sports School and Julie Weston, who has been working with Fiji U19 of late.

“We have a greater reach with online delivery, being able to include our local performance coaches but also those coaching overseas and/or just returning to NZ. A cost-effective win-win professional development opportunity for everyone,” Karauria said.

“We’ve had a strong response from a cross-range of coaches ranging from premier club, secondary school and/or elite level.”

The virtual roadshow has been staged around ANZ Premiership games and will start Monday night (June 29), an online two-hour workshop headlined PURE Planning, followed on Wednesday (July 1) by a two-hour session titled PURE Training.

On Friday (July 3), Dame Noeline will deliver her third workshop, PURE On Court, courtside of the ANZ Premiership match between the Mystics and Tactix with the participants able to view the game in the comfort of their homes whilst interacting with Dame Noeline courtside.

All these coaches will come together for the PURE Grand Final fourth workshop which is centred on, ‘what it takes to win’. Depending on which game she chooses on Finals Series day (August 23 in Invercargill), Dame Noeline will be courtside with the coaches watching on and listening to her online commentary while also having the opportunity to ask questions.

“This is giving our Silver Ferns coach an opportunity to share what PURE is, and the application of it.  Dame Noeline is clear it is not about her or the Silver Ferns, so much as, having an opportunity to share her learnings with the performance coaching community and to allow coaches to take information, discuss collegially and where applicable, take away and apply learnings to their own environments.”